The Big Bang Theory, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

22min (2007-2019) Comedy, Romance

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Science and pop culture references in such a sitcom are one of the main reasons why I liked this show. Slowly adding more relationship drama, the wholesome cringe nature made it different over the years but still overly well received. Due to constant repeats on tv, the jokes and unique situations integrated into various themes, this sitcom stands out from the many, not as mainstream. Characters to transcending tropes to stories memorable in the list below this paragraph.

Being a physicists, I’m unsure of what to think of this show; however, the chemistry between the “nerds” is terrific! It is great to turn on a show that helps bring me back down to earth. The show may be a tiny bit unrealistic when it comes to how “nerds” actually behave, but you don’t have to be a nerd to appreciate the science humor. In the same respect, the behavior of the “regulars” is a little exaggerated, but is done in such a way which helps accentuate the characters’ contrast. – genuinebovdiese (8/10)

Listing those 50 episodes based on remembering summaries, it still holds up mostly being in the first six seasons. The awkward nerds show that humans are infinite and their journey can be as equal as anyone else. Speaking of a con, a lot of the comedy is about understanding sex although general banter back and forth leads to a more consistent equilibrium of relevant development. The stereotype cliche works in their favour and still be most original.

The video below does not do it justice due to the whole 20 minutes invested in is much more satisfying randomly or season by season. Overall clarity, engagement and delivery are all their if categorising my way to concluding objectiveness in this fading niche genre. I recommend it for how chill it is and does not need to be serious in its philosophy or if you consider it as political statements from the writing. You could rate this 5 decimals less or 5 decimals more, it would be the same non-self-centred score out of ten I have decided on.


It’s the new “Friends” alright. Not less cheesy, but at times even funnier. I’m from the generation that grew up with “Friends”, but I would vote for the millennials. I feel a bit nostalgic for the 1980’s sometimes, but I also understand and appreciate the jokes from the “new kids in town”. It’s pure fun, no more, no less. It has its flaws, but it has its wits too. It’s a medicine for foul moods, depression, and loneliness. And as such, I believe it deserves at least 8 out of 10. – meleager (IMDB – 8/10)

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