Pokemon Showdown, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan Battle simulator, Multiplayer So addictive and fun to play. This free to download program has a lot in it. With the Pokemon 3DS graphics, it has over 700 Pokemon in it. Random battle people online in various of modes. Learn how to play by joining one of the … Continue reading Pokemon Showdown, a video game review


Issues and answers: My plan for the world

This idea is just an opinion. The ideals and actions to create a better world will be a difficult task. Values/traditions will need to be changes and improved. Only then we can publicly see the changes in world growth, sustainability, order and much more. If I had the power to change the world, I would change many things and take some risks. To achieve a world for all and grow together, we need to attempt changes in how we live. I have a plan that I belive can work, if everyone got on board. Theses rules of mine describe methods and processes that could help improve the world.

Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: Normal deck

The normal deck contains some cards with no monster effects. Combos with all cards without effects. Pendulum cards included Monsters Orichalcos Shunoros Blue-eyes white dragon x3 Relinquish Lancephortnchus Rescure rabbit Gryphon x3 Keeper of the shrine x3 Flash knight x3 Hieratic dragon of geleb Master pendulum, the draco slayer x2 Vector pendulum, the draco slayer … Continue reading Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: Normal deck