CHAZ/CHOP Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Why Changing CHAZ To CHOP Is Actually A Very Big Deal | Zero Hedge

Giving some time before I attempt an article like this, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest was the worst implementation of revolutionary methods in modern history. Stolen land by the mob spawning after the death of George Floyd, governmental forces allowed their conquest to last for a month. Not initially opposing the right to protest although, the legacy of the area in Seatle showed alleged privileged guilt causing unproductive conversation, tribalistic fascism and even more unjustified deaths than the initial focus on Police Reform.

‘The Summer of Love” stated by their mayor at the beginning changed her mind a few days ago when they visited her home. There the police swiftly removed the barricades and pushed those desperate willing to fight an army of SWAT. Still crying this is a peaceful protest while on camera doing all they can to fight back. For those who supported this hypothetical space that was considered outside of America, watch as much footage as I have to see how they think and truly behave.

Honestly scared when the truckers were refusing to drive into this state without protection, no real leaders or individuals of value came out of this. The BLM movement (With there website full of radical/extreme rhetoric) was not in control as a local club with guns patrolled the 6-mile location. Then there was a man known as Raz was giving orders to young kids, giving them guns. Even groups of vigilantes in cosplay showed up adding confusion to the whole situation.

In conclusion, their discussion areas were labelled ‘decolonisation’. The political collateral damage of this place was to tear everything down, not prop of what is not broken. This is why the CHAZ/CHOP can not be taken seriously as the agendas of political correctness were off the chain, not a real body of work that the silent majority would support. For the common good most people would encourage change if it was clear and obvious, effort wasted here took a collaboration of good intentions but nothing realistically more.

PS – I believe in a people’s republics only if they are qualified to fulfil the role; usually the person that have to be dragged, kicking and screaming at first in the idea of being in that particular position.

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