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Current professional wrestling champion and rockstar, Chris Jericho is an underrated performer. Also a podcast host and an author, there is plenty of moments to quote him off. At the age of 49 he has not slowed down and in someways started doing more. So drink a little bit of the bubbly and enjoy the man who can string more than two words together.

  • I never want to hide my wrestling background. – Chris Jericho
  • I give you the gift of Jericho. Drink it in, man. – Chris Jericho
  • The only person that is going to tell you that you can’t do things in life are people who have failed. – Chris Jericho
  • A live performance is the same no matter what genre it is. Wrestling, rock ‘n roll, hosting, acting – it’s the same thing. – Chris Jericho
  • When you stop being nervous is when you should retire. I’m always a little nervous for anything I do because when complacency sets in, that’s when I feel it’s time to move on to something else. – Chris Jericho
  • I have a journalism degree, but I’d rather be the person who is being written about rather than the person who is writing. – Chris Jericho
  • As great as the fame and the money are, sometimes I wonder if working at a Taco Bell and being able to tuck your kids in at night isn’t a better gig. – Chris Jericho
  • Let me ask you, dear reader, have you ever tried to wear a suit of armor? Great Caesar’s Ghost, it’s almost impossible to put on because—well, it’s a suit of fucking armor! – Chris Jericho
  • There are a lot of similarities between dancing and wrestling. The costumes are the same, the spandex and all that, but you have to be light on your feet to do both, and you have to remember choreography. – Chris Jericho
  • You can tell jokes and insult them all you want, but if you don’t build them up to some extent, you’re just burying yourself. – Chris Jericho
  • The moral of the story is if some stupid idiot is trying to push you around, don’t be afraid to show some attitude, stand your ground, and rock them like a hurricane. – Chris Jericho
  • We all only have so much mental energy to spend, so why waste it worrying about the people who doubt you?…put that mental energy to better use, like achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality. – Chris Jericho
  • If Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be writing wrestling shows. – Chris Jericho
  • Think about it – pro wrestling as an Olympic sport would be pretty cool. Look at figure skating or gymnastics – what is it? It’s a choreographed performance that is judged. – Chris Jericho
  • I like to do something different that people don’t expect. That’s what I’ve always been about, in everything I do. – Chris Jericho
  • In Hollywood, there really is a stigma against wrestling. I think that’s why people think wrestlers are Neanderthals who can’t string two words together. – Chris Jericho
  • I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla! – Chris Jericho
  • If I’m a “B player,” that’s because the “B” stands for badass. – Chris Jericho
  • I always like doing things that no one’s ever done before. Doing things a little out of the ordinary. – Chris Jericho
  • If you don’t have the confidence, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re always second-guessing yourself. – Chris Jericho
  • I don’t look to the negative people because the only people who ever tell you that you can’t do something are the ones who haven’t done it themselves… the ones who failed. – Chris Jericho
  • Things that are worth doing are never easy. – Chris Jericho
  • It’s always great to add to your legacy. – Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is not the only wrestler worthy of a quotes list like this. Even if they are not involved in writing or other projects, these people are inspirational regardless. Naming a few Famous People Quotes lists I could do based on wrestlers, they include John Cena, Mick Foley, Kane, CM Punk, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many, many more!

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