Penn & Teller Teach The Art Of Magic, a class review

A class review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2019) Education, classes

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“That is one of the great things about magic. You can learn it very quickly and build a surprising range of tricks using just a few techniques.” – Penn, Penn & Teller Tech The Art Of Magic – MasterClass

This is the second MasterClass I watched and practised in the exercises. Penn & Teller are magicians that have been around an exceedingly long time. I have respected the types of tricks they do since I watched all of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! and A lot of other stuff they have done such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Taking you behind the curtain, this straightforward and practical expand on what you think is possible.

Masterclass classes get more fascinating the more you explore. They reveal some of the most important tricks of the trade from the unique and interesting perspectives of the teachers. Both Penn and Teller speak directly about their passion in such a way, they keep you watching all the way until the bonus chapters. They become educators and performers at the same time. Finishing this paragraph by quoting what they say in one of the classes, “The strongest lies is the lie the audience tells itself.”

All video names in Penn & Teller’s class Lessons:

  • Meet Penn & Teller – (Recommended)
  • Sleight of Hand – The French Drop – (Recommended)
  • Cups & Balls
  • What Is Magic – (Recommended)
  • Misdirection – (Recommended)
  • Coin Magic
  • Magic VS. Lying – (Recommended)
  • Mentalist or Crook – (Recommended)
  • Card Magic
  • Exploiting the Best of the Human Brain – (Recommended)
  • Rope Tricks
  • Principles of Performing – (Recommended)
  • Cause and Effect – (Recommended)
  • The Joy of Magic – (Recommended)
  • Bonus Chapter No.1 Advanced Student Coaching
  • Bonus Chapter No.2 Piff the Magic Dragon – (Recommended)
  • Bonus Chapter N0.3 Penn & Teller Live

With my class reviews on UNGROOVYGORDS, I have decided not to give them a rating out of ten. This class was very informative and shows the skilled traits you need to have to pull off convincing tricks that could actually be mistaken as real magic. My favourite parts about the class were the skills from sleight of hand and the psychology behind tricks. It is unlikely that I will be performing or creating trick any time soon, but I have the basic fundamentals of it now to be used in one way or another.

Overall I was not disappointed in the 14 plus lessons that were provided. I now like to think about how the basic fundamentals could be used in my other existing and potential new projects. And then how I could perform them in real life. Learning these psychological tools, you really feel like they are too good to not use. For now, I will settle on my current knowledge by catching up on the newest Penn & Teller: Fool Us television episodes.

“That is one of the great things about magic. You can learn it very quickly and build a surprising range of tricks using just a few techniques.” –, Penn And Teller Magic Master Class Review

PS – I will be keeping the instructional document that came with the class for references in the future. And having as a second look at the resource information they provide in this class.

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