Fact or Fiction? Pine Gap Theories

An article written by: Lee Songan

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What could a name Pine Gap mean? You may call it the Area 51 of Australia which is centred directly in the middle of Australia. In this secretive and off-limits facility, there has been many reports of strange activity and conspiracy theories since it began operations in the early 1970s. With the base’s officially stated purpose is to monitor the many satellites in the

Where is Pine Gap? Designed to be the furtherest away from the ocean, its survellience can remain undetected 18 kilomettres from Alice Springs, Northen Territory. The employees of Pine Gap who live in homes near Alice Springs are mostly people from United States. And when anyone asks what people do at Alice Springs a common answer/joke has been that people say that they are ‘gardeners.

The connects keep adding up speculating what Pine Gap could actually be.  First will be the whistle-blower Edward Snowden who claims it is the centre location that monitors the world’s citizens. If this is true these surely these satellites are connected to the communications of the world’s population. While this technology may have been a reality for years, the results so far must have been against terrorism.

With Pine Gap being an issue with Australia’s uneasy alliance with America, there has been connections of drones strikes controlled from the location. Many campaigners of the drones strikes in July, 2013 Pakistan (and many more) have claimed that the intelligence they gathered originated from Pine Gap. Many human rights groups made calls to the UN inquiry about it with even allegations of “targeted killing,” from Australian officials being against international law.

Now let’s talk about the various eyewitness reports of flying objects around the area. Some of the most well-known encounters include The Camouflaged Door Encounter in December 22, 1989, Flying Bathtubs in 1980, Strange Blue Lights in early 1973 and plenty of more. Do these eyewitness reports become more credible because since the reports that started to now has only been a limited amount of people living and traveling between Alice Springs?

From eyewitness news to the most out there conspiracy theories. Pine Gap is ran by the CIA and many other major American security groups and according to Richard Sauder they have super solider programs and time travel experiments on Mars. Richard Sauder also wrote in his book Underground Bases and Tunnels, he claimed and boldly stated that the base operates in alternate dimensions.

Fun Fact: Pine Gap’s cover term has an ironic name of RAINFALL because where it is located. Pine Gap has become famous in its own right, it has its own television miniseries that came out in 2018 receiving a mixed response but in the reviews everyone commented on its ability to be compelling. Overall, theories, claims and sighting will continue to happen unless the Australian government declassifies all its potential sensitive information.

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Fact or Fiction? Undecided, but the drone strikes could be a fact?





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