Why Do People Go Vegan?

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Depending on your life experiences, interests or your outlook on the world there are plenty of good reasons why people go vegan. You can not stereotype all vegans because not all vegans create questionable moral behaviour on their high horse. I am not a vegetarian or vegan by a long shot but I choose to make personal choices in not always eating animal products for environmental, health and ethical reasons. With celebrity endorsements and greater opportunities to choose vegan why not make some beneficial changes?

Many people are unaware of how their food is made and what impacts it has on economies, the environment and the animals them selfs. Firstly, meat costs a lot more to produce compared to plant-based products. Resources put into animal agriculture are 8% of worldwide water use and the feeding of the mass-produced animals requires so much land that it could feed the world many times over.

Billions of animals are slaughter in factory farming each year and their welfare involves permanent confinement in cages or sheds unable to move. They are overcrowded and overfeed to a point where these conditions create some of the biggest CO2 emissions worldwide. To see how animals are cruelly treated in these places watch the documentaries called Earthlings and Cowspiracy.

Throwing these facts at you, there is many misinformation on these topics. Such as the false information of the documentary called What the Health which made some statements as eating one egg equals smoking five ciggerates. Or a dailey servering of meat raises the risk of diabetes 51 percent. A vegan diet can also be as unhealthy as any meateater by not gaining enough quality protien in alternitive ways. Then the lack of specific amino acids, quality fats and essential minerals and vitamins.

To be a complete vegan you will need to research the diet to gain all essential nutrients and then it would become the more long term healthier choice. But it would be the same with more benefits if you have a perfectly balanced diet of both meat and plant-based food. If I want a vegetarian pizza my intentions should not be questioned regardless. The good vegan wants to make a positive difference in the world and a bad vegan acts on identity-based actions. Overall farms should be responsible for the process of meat, not mass-produced animal factories.


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