What I Would Write On A Dating Website Profile Right Now!

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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On the first day of 2019, I found my self on a Facebook page called Them. There I wrote something that I have not written down before. I have never been in a relationship with someone before… This does not mean I have not tried before. After high school many years ago I joined two free dating websites looking to find someone who I can connect with. But I had no luck. Thinking of joining a dating website again, I am very different now and I have a lot more to say.

The two dating websites I joined were Plenty of Fish and Oasis Active. I am not sure if these websites are still active. This was before I started to write full-time and was still learning. Not getting many messages from anyone. I messaged people. These people were interesting according to their dating profile page, but not many people wanted to have a real conversation with me.

I was the one making the conversations continue by asking questions and the people responding did not seem interested in actually pursuing the purpose of these online dating sites. For this fact, I have not returned to talking to people on these dating sites. But now, I have more to offer. More to make me seem interesting. And the words to attract someone who could potentially have a connection with me in a more deeper level than ever before. In the next paragraph, I will write a potential dating profile page

I am serious about finding someone I can connect with. Looking for someone very special, only message me if you like what I have to say. My name is Lee Sonogan and I am looking for someone who is my type of person. Creative, intelligent, loving, strong, accepting and ideally much more. Someone balanced enough to match myself, and someone who can challenge each other through experiences and emotion. Please feel to contact me if you wish to know me more and to discuss any relevant topic or subject that interests you.      

Did that above paragraph have enough meaning and purpose towards it? If I end up joining a dating website again, I will use that paragraph and most likely extend it. I am far from perfect and have issues like anyone else. I am willing to discuss this with complete honesty. I want to experience love like I have not felt before. But, it is not the most important priority in my life. So I am allowed to be picky. When I do find someone who I can connect to and they are perfect, as of right now, I believe that specific person will be loved for life regardless of a relationship lasts.

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