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“Anything that could give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence—in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement – wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else is even in the same league.” – Eliezer Yudkowsky

I keep finding new blogs that are interesting. The Conversation Room is one of them. One of the ideas worth exploring on this blog is this very detailed article about artificial intelligence. It is predicted that at least by the year 2029 artificial intelligence will dominate the world. This complex technology while having the potential for many fantastic uses in many areas of subjects and topics, it also could lead to negative results similar to what computers experience today. To see the detailed pros and cons of artificial intelligence, click on the links below.

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.” – Alan Kay

The discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sound a lot like Brexit. It’s coming but we don’t know when. It could destroy jobs but it could create more. There’s even questions about sovereignty, democracy and taking back control. Yet even the prospect of a post Brexit Britain led by Boris “fuck business” Johnson doesn’t conjure […]

via Do the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the risks? — The Conversation Room
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