Adultery, an album review

An album review written by: Lee Sonogan

Dog Fashion Disco – 50:28(2006) Experimental rock, avant-garde metal

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“Anyone within the sound of my voice
Listen to my every word
This is indeed a threat
I will not tolerate anything
But than your complete and utter devotion to me

I need to know, that if necessary you will die for me
Now tell me, will you die for me, will you die for me

My guidance doesn’t come at a cheap price
And my words shouldn’t be taken lightly
I am the air you take into your lungs
And the reality of your existence

And for those of you who stray
You will be hunted down like dogs
Those who obey my paradise
In a place we can all call home
In a place we can all some day die in.” – Dead Virgins Don’t Sing, Adultery – Dog Fashion Disco

A concept album by Dog Fashion Disco. The sixth album for the band Dog Fashion Disco, this is one of the hardest modern-day albums to find for free. Paying to listen to just this album and to support the band, I was finally able to re-listen to this fantastic album. I had to listen to it again to give it a review it deserves. Originally released in 2006 many have said it is a masterpiece for its genre.

This album was released on the label Rotten Records and the Producer was Steve Wright. The album follows a story loosely based on a story about a private detective, this was the last album before the band’s hiatus. In 2011 reunion shows, the album was released as a vinyl. This re-release of the album is across two vinyl records and is limited to only 1000 copies.

Soundtrack of album:
  1. The Uninvited Guest
  2. The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington
  3. Silent Film
  4. Sweet Insanity
  5. Moonlight City Drive
  6. Private Eye
  7. The Darkest Days
  8. Dead Virgins Don’t Sing
  9. The Hitchhiker
  10. 100 Suicides
  11. Adultery
  12. Mature Audiences Only

I can say as of now this is the best Dog Fashion Disco album out there. One of the best concept albums and also one of the best in the experimental rock genre. There is no need to recommend songs off the album because all of them are great in their own way. Listening to it in order increases the experience. And it makes you want to listen to it over and over. I recommend this album to everyone!


P.S – The video below of the song Sweet Insanity will most likely be taken down as it does not last long on YouTube.

“Convulsing to your violent rhythm, twisting and turning en utero
I’m out of my body and swimming through you
A nightmarish dream like a maze
Dream like a maze, dream like a maze.” – Sweet Insanity, Adultery – Dog Fashion Disco
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