The Desaturating Seven, an album review

An album review written by: Lee Sonogan

Primus 34:38(2017) Progressive rock, alternative rock

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Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
These are the colors of the seven
When a rainbow catches their eye, they lure and beguile it
These are the desaturating seven – The Seven – Primus

The ninth album released by the American rock group Primus. Receiving generally positive reviews for its original content it was recorded at Rancho Relaxo, CA. Les Claypool produced the album while providing the vocals, bass guitar and upright bass. The other band members in the band are Larry LaLonde, Tim “Herb” Alexander and Justin Chancellor the goblin master (Narration on track 1). I went into this album not knowing what to expect.

In further research after listening, I now know what the goblins are about. The album is a concept album based on the children’s book The Rainbow Goblins. Les Claypool used to read it to his children when they were younger. Then when I listen to Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble I learnt that this band is awesome doing parody’s towards other ideas as well as being original. The Desaturating  Seven has its own style that explores more traditional aspects of progressive rock.

Track list for the album:
  • The Valley
  • The Seven
  • The Trek
  • The Scheme
  • The Dream
  • The Storm
  • The Ends?

I have never really listened to Primus before untill recently. Only really know of them from doing an early version of the South Park theme song. I have been missing out. Each song and lyrics are told as a story. While the band provides excellent rhythms and riff that I have not heard before. This is the first album of Primus I have ever heard and as of now I have listened to four Primus albums and enjoyed them very much. I recommend this album to anyone who is looking for new alternative rock songs done in a great way.


Every leery of fools who try to wrangle rainbows
Rainbow ends don’t touch the ground
Now rainbow ends don’t touch the ground

Now rainbow ends don’t touch the ground – The Ends? – Primus

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