Rest in Peace Rattata

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

In memory of my pet rat, Rattata


I Located you on a website called Gumtree,

Then caught you for a small purchase price,

I fed you straight away when you were hungry,

Your former human owner gave me advice.

You were so small when you came home with me,

Pure white was the colour of its fur,

Water was already ready when Rattata was thirsty,

The rat made the quiet sounds of a chirr.

I did not pick him up at first,

Then I did,

Putting him down he would move headfirst,

Full of energy he hid.

Under the covers, he went,

He felt comfortable and safe,

When I was in bed, he would use me and the covers as a tent,

Beside and between my legs was his place.

Stirring him up would get his attention,

He nibbled and licked you to play,

He was a master of his own dimension,

Sometimes I let him on the floor and let him explore in his own way.

He did not use Bite or Hyper Fang,

No blood was dropped between me and him,

Only scaring me once by biting my ear that rang,

It ran back under the covers and playfully hid without doing any sort of damage to my hearing limb.

My pet rat beat the average lifespan,

I am grateful for the time I had with him,

He was a solo little man,

In the end, he was big and looked like he was hitting the gym.

In human years, he was an older man,

The last time I saw him on this day, he was still acting young at heart,

My first real pet is gone, and now I am just one man,

Rattata has been with me since I started creating my creative writing art.

Rest in peace little buddy!

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