Tricks and tips for UFC 2

It seems like ages since I bought UFC 2 on the Ps4. This fighting game is one of the most interesting fighting games I have played. Its realistic and random. Technical in skill, every fight is different. The gameplay is compelling and keeps you interested. It even has an all rounded soundtrack in the game.


Tutorials is something you may want to consider if fighting friends in the game. The more you know the better. Each fighter is different with different moves and different strengths. Playing competitively you will need to know the distance, timing and combos of everything to defeat your foe.

Like any other sport, this game  has a various amount to offer. Its mixed martial arts in a third person perspective allows you to play ant weight class of fighter you want. You can fight for belts and do a career mode. In learning the game, it offers you many options to test your skills and gives you more in the loading screens.

Before fighting you might want to make a custom character. Changes its appearance to whatever you like with it in-depth appearance editor. Then scroll through hundreds of moves and choose each and every move for your new fighter. Also determine attributes, weight class and more.

Guarding is crucial to a fight in UFC. Your guard needs to be up at all times. Either both hands up or guarding the body. Also by holding L2 you can move around and dodge punches. Do not guard for to long as your hands will be damaged. Resulting in weaker strikes and lesser parry attacks.

Standing strikes are the most basic moves in the game. Use Square and triangle to do your quick jabs. Flick the analog stick to curve the punches with you combos. Then hold L1 to do an advance strike. Sometimes start combos with L2 and strikes then switch back to normal punches. Combos with your punches to wear your opponent down. Predict them and throw punches when there going for body shots.

Standing kicks are strong and have long reach. With timing and distance, you can sometimes knock your opponent over. It’s a risk with great rewards. Beware of being tripped over though. Holding R2, R1 and a striking button allows you to do fakes. Time a fake of a kick with your back foot and then kick with your front foot.

Parry/counter attacks are my speciality. To pull them off, you need to be holding R1 and flick the analog stick and key buttons at the same time. This will parry/block the move if done in the right amount of time. After that you get a free move if in range of opponent. If it hits, it does double and has a chance to rock your opponent. Remember if your hands are red, you can not parry.

Takedowns when it is necessary. There is three reasons you would take your opponent down. You want to attempt a submission, you want to ground and pound them or you are hurt and need to recover. All worthy reasons. Once on the ground, your timing needs to be good. And if your stamina is higher the better. Remember to hold L2 and R2 in certain transitions as certain fighters have different options.

Submissions are the hardest victory to earn. On the ground, once you put them in a submission, a difficult mini game ensues. If you fail the game, your opponent breaks out of your hold. Four bars appear on the screen and with the right stick, you need to defend the bar from rising to the top. While doing that, a l appears on the screen. Flick the left analog stick at the same time and you should transition into the next part of your submission. Keep transitions until they tap to your submission.

Knockouts can be planned or random. You can knock someone out by their head, chest and legs. The legs take the longest. Two ways in telling how their about to be knocked is the diagram of their body and how red it is. And when they are hit and the screen narrows down and everybody takes notice. Suggesting your opponent is on their last legs. It will be a dead give away from the commentary of the game.

I take this information with great pride. It gives me the advantage I need in a fight. Hopefully you have learnt a thing or two and when you play next. You wont get slaughtered. Stay calm, box them up and then plan for the knockout strike. Be defensive and offensive and time everything you do. Then you just might do alright if you button mash your way yo victory.


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