Going In Style, a movie review

A movie review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) 1h36min/Comedy, Crime

Stars On The Set Of 'Going In Style' In NYC

Joe: These banks practically destroyed this country. They crushed a lot of people’s dreams, and nothing ever happened to them. We three old guys, we hit a bank. We get away with it, we retire in dignity. Worst comes to the worst, we get caught, we get a bed, three meals a day, and better health care than we got now.

This movie stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. This movie is about three characters desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones. Three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money. This is a remake of Going in Style made in 1979, starring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. With a budget of 25 million, it made over 82 million at the box office.

This is the sixth time Morgan Freeman and Sir Michael Caine have worked together. The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Sir Michael Caine; and two Oscar nominees: Matt Dillon and Ann-Margret. Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin have never worked together prior to this. However, one actor replaced the other in The Bonfire of the Vanities in 1990. Arkin was the original choice and signed on for the judge character when said role was to be played by a Jewish actor. But during production, the director changed his mind and opted for an African-American actor and Freeman got the role.

This is Sir Michael Caine’s and Alan Arkin’s second time working together, the first being Woman Times Seven in 1967. Sir Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman had previously worked together on the Dark Knight trilogy and Now You See Me. In an interview for Going in Style, Michael Caine was asked if he believed his days were numbered. He replied by saying that everyone’s days are numbered, even his granddaughter. Hopefully, it will be 101. The question asked for days, his answer refers to years.

When the bank robbery takes place, the masks Michael Caine, Alan Arkin and Morgan Freeman wear are, respectively, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. masks. Known collectively as the Rat Pack and stars of the 1960 heist movie, Ocean’s 11.

An interesting movie for the older generation. With the acting, these three can still pull of interesting scenes. The overall story can be believed by anyone. If you were wronged and had not much else to lose, you could see yourself as one of these characters. The ending after all the planning is worth the watch. I recommend this movie to people who like the actors and the combination of comedy and crime.


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