50 Ways to fight writer’s block

Writer’s block is a condition, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Here is my advice on finding a way to come up with those ideas.


  1. Write about the problem and the reasons why you are having issues
  2. Free write on anything
  3. Brainstorm ideas (Charts, group discussions, bullet points, lists, inspiration templates and much more)
  4. Try mind mapping
  5. Research everything that interests you
  6. Save links/documents full of relevent information
  7. Identify what the subject wants
  8. Have a purpose to your concepts
  9. Write your worst, something is better than nothing
  10. Go crazy (Productive crazy)
  11. Work on a different part of your writing project
  12. Don’t try, just do
  13. Change your location,
  14. Set up a routine or word limit daily
  15. Set the timer, test yourself and your ability
  16. Change your writing method and try different ones
  17. Get on pintest
  18. Get on Reddit
  19. Get on people’s blogs
  20. Listen to music and its lyrics
  21. Go for a walk to get a different mind-set.
  22. Go for a run to clear your mind.
  23. Other examples of physical exercise
  24. Rid yourself of distractions
  25. Develop ideas in a journal/diary
  26. Ask for help (Social media, Writing groups)
  27. Fuel up on liquids or solids
  28. Look at the news on the tv or online
  29. Reward your self after being productive in your writing (Research, development, grammar, formatting, or much more)
  30. Find your prime time, either day or night
  31. Read aloud to clearly understand what you have written
  32. Listen to recordings or speech to your text
  33. Gather feedback from who ever you can
  34. Learn to mediate and let ideas come in a natural way
  35. Any idea is a good idea at first
  36. Educate yourself at a university or community college
  37. Educate yourself with a free or not so free online course
  38. Copy others and twist it into your own
  39. Read a graphic novel, movie script or any other interesting forms of writing
  40. Learn more about structure of a story
  41. Pay an editor or publisher to see if what you have so far is any good
  42. Observe in real life conversations
  43. Learn about famous pieces of writing from history
  44. Daydream about something you like
  45. Use former dreams as inspiration
  46. Don’t pressure yourself, take it one step at a time
  47. Write when inspiration strikes
  48. Write daily (500 words or more a day)
  49. Start fresh everyday and revisit your writing with a different mindset
  50. Write multiple drafts and edit it to perfection

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