10 Best Dragon Type Pokemon

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

Dragon’s are one of the most powerful Pokemon types in the game. Plus the hardest to train. Each generation has given us many badass dragons in the last few games. Making possible to do a top ten list of them. This is going to be a series of lists of best Pokemon types. With bullet points proving each indivual Pokemons worthyness.


Dragon Pokemon 1
  • Inner focus and Multiscale abilitites.
  • Best dragon type Pokemon in first generation.
  • Dragonites are capable of circuling the world in 16 hours
  • Can use moves such as, dragon claw, thunder, dragon dance, roost, hyper beam, outrage,  dragon rush, aqua tail, toxic, thunderpunch,  attract, rock slikde, fly, earthquake, double team, dragon tailand more.
  • Can move faster then the speed of light.
  • Human like inteligence.
  • It helps humans at sea.
  • It is resistent to five different Pokemon types.


Dragon Pokemon 2
  • 700 total base stat when mega evoled.
  • Can use moves such as Dragon rush, dragon pulse, dragon dance, roost, aqua tail, fire fang, zen headbutt, iron tail, tailwind, outrage, draco meteor, roar, attract, toxic, shadow claw, rock slide, Fly, aireal ace and more.
  • Moxie and intimidate abilities.
  • Vest like armoured body, with wings that are as sharp as blades.
  • Appreared in a Pokemon anieme movie
  • A mutation in its evolution, making it more powerful enough to reach its dream of flying.
  • Resistent to five different Pokemon types.
  • Salamence’s name origin means menace, vengeful and violence in Japan.
  • In Germany, Salamence is called Brutalanda.


Dragon Pokemon 3
  • 700 total base stat when mega evoled.
  • Can use moves such as Psychic, calm mind, Dragon pulse, mist ball, magic coat, water pulse, draco meteor, shock wave, recover, reflect, light screen,  psycho shift, wish, thunder, dragon claw and much more.
  • More defensive in stats comapred to Latios.
  • Has the abilite levitate.
  • Appreared in a Pokemon anime movie.
  • Highly intelligent and can understand the human language
  • Has the abilitys to show what latiaos is doing called ‘Sight sharing’
  • Latias can transform into a human.
  • It can refreact light to alter it appreance. Such as making it go invisible.
  • It is resistent to five different Pokemon types


Dragon Pokemon 4
  • over 700 total base stat when mega evoled.
  • Legendary Pokemon.
  • Lives in the planets atomopshere.
  • Can use moves such as Hyber beam, outrage, dragon dance,  hyper voice, fly, roost,  rock slide, dragon tail, sword dance, earthquake, bulk up, extreme speed,  rest, dragon claw, and more.
  • Fly it to space and destroy a meteror with it, in Pokemon Omega and
  • Appeared in a Pokemon anieme movie.
  • It eats meteoroids to give it the power to mega evolve.


Dragon Pokemon 5
  • 700 total base stat when mega evoled.
  • Power physical attacker, with moves such as Earthquake, Dragon claw, Dragon dance
  • Can use moves such as Earthquake, dragon rush,  crunch, dragon claw, dragon tail, rest, dig, hone claws,  sandstorm, dual chop and more.
  • Garchomps are cave dwellers.
  • It moves at sonic speeds.
  • Never allows its prey to escape.
  • Cyanithia’s strongest pokemon in the games and anime.


Dragon Pokemon 6
  • Has three heads.
  • Can use moves such as Crunch, dragon claw,  outrage, hyper voice,  outrage, dragon pulse, fly, thief, taunt,  tri-attack, work up, torment, dark pulse, bite,  swagger, protect, sunny day, return and more.
  • Has the abilitie levitate.
  • depending on its foe, its heads can consume anything.
  • A destructive pokemon that destroys everything in its way.


Dragon Pokemon 7
  • Can learn the move toxic spikes.
  • Can use moves such as dragon tail, draogn pulse, hydro pump, sludge bomb, sludge bomb, toxic, rain dance,  waterfall. dive, surf,  attract, rest,  return, thunder,  hidden power, twister and more.
  • Has the abilitie Poison point and poison touch.
  • Has poisin that can melt a hull of a tanker.


Dragon Pokemon 8
  • Has high speed stat.
  • Can use moves such as Moonlight, dragon pulse, air slash, super fang, tailwind, roost, shawdow ball, steel wing, wild charge,  x-sciscor, flamethrower, swagger, dark pulse, protect, taunt, toxic and more.
  • Has the abilitie Frisk and infiltrator.
  • Strong enough to shatter large bouders.
  • It has keen senses in the night time.
  • It creates ultra sonic waves from its ears.
  • It is resistent to five different pokemon types.


Dragon Pokemon 9
  • A strong psysical attacker.
  • Can use moves such as Giga impact, dragon claw,  outrage, gullotine, sword dance, taunt, dig, roar, toxic, sword dance, focus blast, hone claws, dragon dance,  dual chop, round, and more.
  • Has the abilitie riviary and mold breaker.
  • Has stong armour and its tusk can nver be broken.
  • Can slice through steel with tusk.


Dragon Pokemon 10
  • A dragon with the abilites of levitate.
  • Can use moves such as Earth power, dragon claw, dragon tail, fly, earthquake, hyper beam, supersonic, power-up punch, steel wing, stone edge,  attract, fire blast, toxic, hone claws, u-turn, subtiture and more.
  • It is lives in the desert and is for bein called ‘the desert spirit’.
  • Underated dragon type.





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