List of all my Yu-Gi-Oh decks and combos

A list written by: Lee Sonogan This list if for all my Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there. You want to make some decks? this list is then worth checking out for ideas and combos. The following is a list of existing decks I have created before. Invoked deck Normal deck Dark sanctuary Graydle Kaiju Lightsworn deck Eyes of blue deck Monarch deck…

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100 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

A list written by: Lee Sonogan Been playing Yu-gi-oh since the first episode of the anime on the Cheese TV. Over the years the game has expanded and there are hundred and thousands of new cards in the game. Some of these cards are used in most of my decks that I play and the…

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Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: Lockdown deck

One way to win in a Yu-gi-oh duel is to stop your opponent for activating their cards. Then attack them directly with no worry of a counter move. Lockdown spells, traps, special summons and more.

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