Noam Chomsky Quotes

A list created by: Lee Sonogan Who is Noam Chomsky? He is a Philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, political activist and an American linguist. He pretty much created the scientific study of language field in American and is one of the funders of the field of cognitive science. Written over 100 books in many different subjects. Most of his work contributed to psychology. He still is a social critic to this day.          

Aristotle quotes

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

Aristotle was a part of the big three of the original greek philosophy. Along side Socrates and Plato, Aristotle was Plato’s greatest student. At the age of 18 he joined Plato’s academy and finished at the age of 37. Soon after he became a tutor for Alexander the Great. He is known for the first studies of logic, Syllogism, Aristotelian philosophy, the theory of the soul and virtue ethics.