About Me

I have been writing for over two years now. Writing various things about different topics and themes. This blog is for improving my ability as a writer, get my stuff out there, and for people who are interested in my writing samples. I am looking for regular writing gigs. Please email me if you have a job for me that you belive I am able to do. Offer me a fair reward too. Also I do accept guest posts on this blog.

Name: Lee Sonogan

Birth: 26/10/1992

Location: Australia, Victoria

Hobbies: Watching shows and movies, video games, music, card games, reading, writing, Prospecting, spending time with friends, experiencing something new, and so much more

Favourite Pokemon: Lucario

First tattoo: A tribal Lucario

Favourite Genres: Thriller, mystery, sci-fi, action, Non-fiction, Graphic novels, extra

Donations: https://www.paypal.me/LeeSonogan




Topics that I will be writing now and in the future for this blog.

  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Movies, tv shows, video games and ect
  • Social and environmental issues?
  • Biography articles on people?
  • Upcoming events and releases
  • Current news and issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Space and technology
  • Poems/creative writing
  • Pop culture/cultures
  • Possible written debates?

Current writing projects:

Ungroovygord’s blog content (Weekly)

Description: Articles, reviews, lists and more you should see

ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE (Weekly) https://entertainmentcultureonline.com/

Description: Written content about all new things that fit the niche

Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth Of A Utopia – Novella (100%)

Description: Worlds, Dimensions and infinity power. Possible through a trip through your own subconscious. The main character Joven, a 29 year old telemarketer, experiences the power that fuels space and time and merges with it, turning himself into a godlike superhuman. That has the power to do anything he can imagine. With next to none limitations to his powers, he changes the world with his friends. But Arrogance, selfishness, pain, anger and violence linger in the unseen darkness.

Vengeance of a Brutal Cry – Novel ( 70% draft)

Description: The story set in the multidimensional world of purgatory, in one of its many mazes. But first, the main character, Frank is working as an architect and has been tricked by a gang of demons, which destroys his life and takes his only love. He must end his life to gain entrance to the multidimensional world of purgatory to regain his only love and to go through many challenges/experiences to purify his soul in the process.

Working title (1 vs 1) – Move script – ( 99% draft)

Description: Two men are dropped in the middle of nowhere and then are forced to make a choice if they want to go home. Both characters struggle as they consider the choice they need to make and learning their true nature of their situation.

INVADING LUCHA – Short film – (100% complete)

Description: A freelance writer is hired for his first book contract. Taking time off freelancing he struggles to come up with ideas. Things start to change when a mysterious masked man starts to stalk him.