Requiem – Album Review

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

32;36 (2022) Korn

Requiem | Korn

Against the odds, Korn have done it again with Requiem, a quick and ferocious blast that finds the band still hungry and innovative nearly 30 years into the game – AllMusic

Korn in their fourteenth studio album was fully written in 2021. According to the press ‘, It is an album born of time and the ability to create without pressure. Energized by a new creative process free of time constraints, the band was able to do things with Requiem that the past two decades haven’t always afforded them, such as taking additional time to experiment together or diligently recording to analog tape – processes which unearthed newfound sonic dimension and texture in their music’.

Tracklist for album

1.“Forgotten”Korn Lauren ChristyJasen Rauch3:17
2.“Let the Dark Do the Rest” 3:39
3.“Start the Healing”KornChristy3:28
4.“Lost in the Grandeur” 3:50
6.“Hopeless and Beaten” 3:59
7.“Penance to Sorrow” 3:20
8.“My Confession” 3:34
9.“Worst Is on Its Way” 4:03

Recommending only three songs, they were the singles called Start the Healing, Forgotten and Lost in Grandeur. I wanted to like this more although it has its flaws by sounding like a lot of songs they have made after untitled onwards. The formula of this instantly reminds you of the band’s familiar tones just more professional edits of them. Nu Metal is not so experimental or alternative.

It was nice of them to put this out for free on their YouTube channel, still I wanted to hear something I have not heard before. Something they are certainly capable of. From a critics standpoint, there is not many online that I saw that actually review it. So It is not to become recomended compared to their other vast archive of bangers.


Requiem isn’t going to end up listed among the great KoRn albums, but it’s short, punchy and hooky. After more than 25 years I reckon that’s OK for a band who are comfortable with what they do – Wall Of Sound

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