Spider-Man: No Way Home – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2h28min (2021) Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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My expectations for this film were off the chart due to what I had heard and read about how great it is. What it does deliver is plenty of spectacle. But a great film needs more than that. The story also moves along with some pace. But emotional impact should never be sacrificed for expediency. In short, this is an enjoyable film, but there have been better Marvel films. – atlasmb (IMDB – 7/10)

The box office hit at the time, I wanted to see it at a cinema. Although that not being the case, it has been universally received by more than the fans. Spiderman: No Way Home is a fitting way of nostalgia based on three different movie franchises. Then again, it’s a girthy length that might not be the best thing along the lines of subjective hype.

Right away the premise has the hero have his identity revealed. To the point where his the most famous person in the world, he had to do something about it. Entering Doctor Strange is cool in using crazy magic making me want to read some comics. Casting the spell and backfiring, the villains return from the past with their new relevance.

Dr. Otto Octavius, Max Dillion, Norman Osborn are the main ones also including Sandman and Lizard. Interesting chemistry between them is pleasant to consume. To transition into an all over the place story arc good and bad in different places. It is only halfway where the original other Spidermen come into play where it gets more involved.

To conclude the wholesome moments of Peter Parker hanging out with each other is satisfying. All the way until the final climactic action scene with CGI that looks like a blockbuster wanted. So I recommend it to all comic fans knowing that it has some family design to it. I can claim it is the best Spiderman film, not Marvel.

It was a real good movie with a decent story and fun action but this movie is way too overrated just because it got all the famous actors i really don’t think this is a good reason to describe a good movie and let’s be honest they did a great job at mixing all these universe’s. – zhyarTheChosen (IMDB – 7/10)





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