Shut In – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr29mins (2022) Drama, Horror, Thriller

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Good little low budget thriller that took a while to get going, but when it did, it was tense and reminded me of Panic Room a little. Acting and direction are good and the symbolism is excellent. I don’t get the rampant love or hate for the movie. Why can’t people just judge it for what it is? – stevelivesey67 (IMDB – 7/10)

This Daily Wire exclusive has interested me since I saw the trailer and see what they could do. Shut In is described as ‘When a young mother is barricaded inside a pantry by her violent ex-boyfriend, she must use ingenuity to protect her two small children from escalating danger while finding an escape’. That may not be sounding like much, this is packed with an independent style feeling like something else with intensity.

The main actress really sells the neglectful mother a nightmare for any real parent. Her fictional daughter has an important role in all the drama. The violent boyfriend limited actors of drug addicts make it display many themes of realism. Scary to a point, the story has got to be based on a real-life event.

Being all in one location and eventually one room, there is redemption here becoming the make hook of flow and any interest. Looking good with cinematography well-placed angles at every corner, the sound matches the shots. Making the psychological nature slowly burning high stakes, the small details make you guess but are usually wrong.

The pedo freind and the rotten apples push a narritive with plenty of ups and downs. Overall It is exciting to see other companies than Hollywood getting closer to mainstream quality without the subtle political messaging. As there is no pure right ideas and remains neutral to the brutal impact intended. I can only recommend this to those who like this genre kind of thing.

Effective little thriller on small budget and few actors only. D. J. Caruso also laid toxic husband and challenging parenting issues into certain redemption story and intense real situations. Rainey Qualley was amazing in her desperation and fought those ‘demons’. – witra_as (IMDB – 7/10)


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