Jackass Forever – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

The making of Jackass Forever: "We abused each other more than ever" |  GamesRadar+

Nostalgia carries the movie. You’ll absolutely get your typical laughs and “omgs” which is more than you’ll get out of most movies these days. Honestly probably is the worst movie of the bunch but you won’t be mad you saw it. – billybacktown (IMDB – 6/10)

Let many people, this stunt show from television to movies was a part of the teenager’s angst. Not even thinking about Jackass in years, I consumed this one so-called Forever. Mostly because the old school guys remaining want to give it to the younger generation. Older now, the whole appeal of this is less although had to check out what these people were planning to do to themselves.

The first three films were at a massive scale of cinematography and pain shown on screen. This was a letdown because they re-did their classic moments but the gross-out humour was even worse. Lots of male genitalia close up with different visuals, or lazy jokes in-between. There is a lot of dumb shown here in bite-size pieces put together.

So the most memorable scenes was from the trailer with Danger whatever getting punched in the dick by a heavyweight, not the lightweight that was expected. Johnny Knoxville goes into the bullpen again with his grey hair and does a backflip and a half. And finally, the token woman who was in the background many times gets a Scropian Botox.

Overall critics say these acts are funny, what I expected so I did not laugh once. While the visuals look good with slow motions and music choices, most of it is the modernised version of the same thing. So I conclude by rating it low but it can still hold an average for those who like this kind of thing today. Recommended if like this fail compilation videos, getting substance you have not seen before does not happen.

I’m a huge Jackass fan, always will be! With that being said.. I feel this film was lacking creativity. The stunts & ideas were kinda plain jane or vanilla, nothing blew my socks off. Not having BAM in this film was an extreme let down. He gave the franchise that extra spice, which was clearly missing. BAM we miss you bro! – bigstorycory (IMDB – 6/10)





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