Initiation – Album Review

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

56:45 (2021) Sumo Cyco


Lyrically the band weave visions of their own futuristic comic book dystopia Cyco City with themes rooted entirely in the real world. And indeed, songs that veer between internal struggles and a sense of disassociation with the outside world are perfectly suited to the times. There’s a certain darkness to much of Initiation, but this is offset by the constant and colourful musical explosions on a fun and life-affirming third album. – Kerrang!

The following album helped me decide who is my second favourite female vocalist in the world. Sumo Cyco the band or Skye Sweetnam hailing from Canada is the alternative punk metal rock you need to hear. I can’t believe she was not more famous before I started listening to her archive with band members equally as important.

1.“Love You Wrong”3:19
4.“Bad News”3:54
5.“No Surrender”4:03
8.“Run with the Giants”3:52
10.“Power & Control”3:03
11.“The Dance Is Doomed”4:30
12.“Awakened [Bonus Track]”3:44
13.“New Jive”2:54
14.“We Are the Nation”4:42
15.“Sun Eater”4:14

There is no need to recommend individual songs as all of them are impressive in their own way. Maybe only Sun Eater for the bonus album songs. Then I have consumed this more than once including the music videos to a point obsessive haha. Each single came out in real-time and I had to keep following the release.

Ok, Bystander, Vertigo, Bad News, M.I.A, Run with the Giants, The Dance is Doomed and that previously mentioned song extra are my favourites. I have to recommend it because of the sheer pleasure this lady can give in a range of styles. Another band I would kill to see live in person while in a mosh pit.

To conclude with the subjectivity of music, the harmony here has the potential to directly affect you in ways you might not expect. The riffs and melodies are imprinted into my brain and output from my soul slowly getting closer to an objective taste well divined.


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