In the Court of the Dragon – Album Review

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

52:11 (2021)

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As a whole, In the Court of the Dragon stands with Trivium’s best work. It offers a classic meld of melodic thrash/metalcore and tech death in a sound as enormous as it is ambitious and diverse, making for wonderfully produced, flawlessly composed songs. All killer, no filler – Dom Lawson (

In their tenth official album, Trivium has done something different than normal. Taking it into the renaissance period, it was well-received by the critics. AllMusic, Distorted Sound, Kerrang!, Louder Sound, Metal Injection, Rock ‘N’ Loaded, Rock Sins and Wall of Sound have all rated it an eight out of ten or above. Following an epic cinematic approach listening in order while tunes ‘really pissed-off’.

1.“X” (instrumental)1:27
2.“In the Court of the Dragon”5:09
3.“Like a Sword Over Damocles”5:30
4.“Feast of Fire” (Recommended)4:18
5.“A Crisis of Revelation” (Recommended)5:35
6.“The Shadow of the Abattoir” (Recommended)7:11
7.“No Way Back Just Through” (Recommended)3:53
8.“Fall Into Your Hands” (Recommended)7:45
9.“From Dawn to Decadence”4:08
10.“The Phalanx” (Recommended)

All heavy to the max, it is already not for everyone. The Phalanx song and music video is my favourite out of all them. Then the longer composites or compounds are impressive enough as well. Versatile in its mixture of harsh and clean vocals over riffs diverse or djent. The guitar use puts it all together with its lightning-fast work and breakdowns.

Some tracks fall flat in reputation although what it overall touches is a pleasure to hear from a fan. Putting thought into the writing and intensity shine through each chorus. And some of those solos are truly phenomenal to experience. The symphonic style is to recommend but the classic tone from the band is its foundation.

Fans of the band will be ecstatic with what they’re hearing. This is a powerful and anthemic album, with each track building from the last. Trivium really brought it here, and to be honest, this might be my number one Metal album of the year – New Noise (4/5)


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