50 Banned Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

A list created by Lee Sonogan

In honour of a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime series coming out, let’s talk banned cards. While it is expected to release a multitude of fresh archetypes, what range of a deck will remain? While the limited/forbidden list in competitive gameplay can completely change, what will still be universal? The following shall contain the best of the best individual cards banish for a reason.

  1. Victory Dragon
  2. Cyber Jar
  3. Fiber Jar
  4. Dandylion
  5. Maxx C
  6. Yata-Garasu
  7. Substitoad
  8. Glow-Up Bulb
  9. Dimension Fusion
  10. Grinder Golem
  11. Pot Of Greed
  12. Change Of Heart
  13. Heavy Storm
  14. Graceful Charity
  15. Imperial Order
  16. Blackwing – Gofu the Vague
  17. Level Eater
  18. Magical Scientist
  19. Number 16 Shock Master
  20. Blaster, Dragon Ruler Of Infernos
  21. Djinn Releaser Of Rituals
  22. Glow-Up Bulb
  23. Mind Master
  24. Redox, Dragon Ruler Of Boulders
  25. Tidal, Dragon Ruler Of Waterfalls
  26. The Tyrant Neptune
  27. Elder Entity Norden
  28. Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom
  29. Thunder Dragon Colossus
  30. Tempest Magician
  31. Ancient Fairy Dragon
  32. Tellarknight Ptolemaeus
  33. True King Of All Calamities
  34. Number S0: Utopic Zexal
  35. Chicken Game
  36. Cold Wave
  37. Metamorphosis
  38. Snatch Steal
  39. Soul Charge
  40. Painful Choice
  41. Return From The Different Dimension
  42. Ultimate Offering
  43. Vanity’s Emptiness
  44. Smoke Grenade Of The Thief
  45. Last Turn
  46. Self-Destruct Button
  47. That Grass Looks Greener
  48. Knightmare Goblin
  49. Union Carrier
  50. Topologic Gumblar Dragon

Then on the program where I duel people, there are plenty of anime-only cards as well that are on the ban list. With the meta that can go anywhere, what banished cards could actually return to gameplay?




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