South Park – (Post Covid And The Return Of Covid) – Episodes Recap

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

South Park - If Stan, Kyle and Cartman could just work together, they could  go back in time to make sure Covid never happened. SOUTH PARK: POST COVID:  THE RETURN OF COVID

Forty years into the future, South Park is different although kinda the same as our modern times. Pushing the Covid concept to further developments of adults, the boys now man are new people. Stan firstly now is an online whiskey consultant living with an Amazon Alexa. Then Kyle Broflovski is still leaving the same house.

The plot picks up as Kenny still not talking is a famous scientist and died for real. Claiming only his friends can find out how to cure the virus now. The final member Cartman makes an appearance at his funeral. Like how Jimmy gets famous doing woke comedy, our main antagonist in all accounts is now a Jewish rabbi. Wendy, Tweek, Craig, Token, Clyde, Scott and more are seen here.

The new variant comes out and there is chaos and quarantined because it is the future. There we are told one person in town is the only one not vaccinated from the original. Revisiting Randy, we are given the knowledge that Stan burnt down the farm and killed Shelly plus Sharon. So many characters are old in a Blade Runner sci-fi retirement home.

Then Victor Chouce is a clue towards the data Kenny had. All leading them to his dead body and retrieving a USB from the ass of the carcass. They play footage of the experiment including the time travel where Covid is blamed on the three former friends. Returning from the past with dead scientists there, Kenny coughs shortly before death.

At the end of the bulky length, Butters Stoch alludes to the mystery asylum character. The next one starts with the issue of the last sprout of marijuana. Chaos or Chouce, Butters went insane selling NFTs to mainstream corporations. Randy is convinced that it’s all connected while Cartman now wants to not time travel creating a foundation against it.

Clyde being the one not wanting to be vaccinated, there is a fun correlation when he goes back like a terminator and talks to his former self. At a scene at a previous special, young and old met but release they can’t prevent the pandemic. Then the butterfly effect of everything changed back to normal. Not without an alternative future where Cartman becomes homeless.

Special One – 7.6/10 – Special Two – 7.5/10

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