10 More Video Premieres For The End Of March

A list created by Lee Sonogan

How to premiere a new video on YouTube | DIY Musician

This time mixed on two different YouTube channels, I have more videos to become released by the end of the month. Almost as motivating as my website for motivation, for the most part, it is the same vice versa. Capturing text in the visual motion then longer formats, the content is enough to be its own 24-hour station referenced before. The true tv live stream requires my first ever 24 hours fused video for now.

Maybe the only transformer game I ever played and somewhat enjoyed.

My take on the newest generation of Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch

An underrated video game that was also exclusive to Playstation

I got copyrighted with this one because of the Gangnam Style used in satire

Smashing rules self-imposed on oneself while playing video games.

This one is for the sake of joining a study with a poem and much more.

A fun beverage review that I have doubled down on.

One of two Writing From Scratch series that are both a challenge. Inspired by fictional writing.

Committing to a priced place with stuff nowhere else on the inherent.

This list is about the reality of conflicts that can become used in either non-fiction or the like.




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