Pragmatic Apparatus – A semantic and pragmatic explanation of harmony

Cited by Lee Sonogan

Setting the Tone: How Physics Can Help Us Understand Musical Harmony (Part  1)

Abstract by Patrik Austin

This paper introduces a semantically and pragmatically oriented typological generalisation, which is named the orientation principle. It entails that the position of connectives, as defined as a single lexical category including adpositions and conjunctions, provides an explanatory principle for a number of harmonic correlations in crosslinguistic data. A reanalysis of the data guided by this insight is proposed as an alternative to processing approaches.

Publication: Taylor, Francis Online

Pub Date: 06 Dec, 2021, Doi:

Keywords: Typologyuniversalsharmonic correlationssyntaxsemanticspragmatics (Plenty more sections and references in this research article)

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