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How to make money on OnlyFans and Patreon? Which is better for creators? |  Clipchamp Blog

Newspapers are not free and they never have been. They can appear to be so, but someone, somewhere is covering the costs whether that is through advertising, a patron’s largesse or a license fee. Advertising is no longer subsidising the industry and so the cost must fall somewhere – why not on the people who use it? – Heather Brooke

With the struggle I have been happening with the posts on this website, it is a preferable point in the trinity (Source Code, Localism). Pondering on the implications of what prices are vs an efficient archive of information, moving the magnitude, direction and position. There is always a reason to funnel original or authentic content if always rewriting your starting points.

From right now my tiers of three, the lowest one is half price because it is another monetised system with my eBay links. To one day make the wild west internet platform here something more healthy in competition with some funding. Four dollars to two, it evens out with the international currency with guaranteed outcomes exclusive to those who know what they want.

Threatening over quantity vs quality, paraphrasing something said by Goku one time in Dragon Ball Z. Its about what you can do right now motivating the further episodic capacity in the development offering the journey like no other in alternative and experimental places. Where the consumer has the power with foundation although innovating with the flux distributor.

It’s ok to have your own parallels because its the simplest way to trade what is possible. Some people are afraid to monetize themself for the sake of freedom and books of their own origins. Should you say the same thing or supply the medium of everything you can? Onlyfan is only the ratio utility of a body. Patreon proves the same shit objection is as dumb as the saying subjecting you to pay for anything you don’t wanna do.




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