7 Video Premieres For The End Of March

A list written by Lee Sonogan

Such vectors extract from Ungroovygords on my gaming channel and elsewhere in the video genre visual is more to become shared. Editing is a discipline I can establish a connection to a language all on its own according to the Social Blade above. With freedom in writing that could become improvised with the prosed like scripts, it extends the poetry into functional features. Researching with the moving picture transitions beyond average’s initial visions.

One – The next on the block to possible be sold on eBay

Two – Starting to master certain weapons and shooting mechanics again

Three – Impressive words that leave you with determination

Four – Inspired by a YouTube political commentator and the kaiju movie

Five – Swimming in the ocean (Lots more redefined reviews with footage)

Six – The art of looking at the mark and having 98 percent cognition

Seven – This video includes an Arena Mode win with a Chicken Dinner as well

Always open to requests part of the Patreon or a collaborative if to shared publically somewhere. Let me do some readings for them well deserved shoutouts. VLOG open letters that make invoke some wonder and curiosity. What material is brought to the table to market bargaining points of personal interest?




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