Black Widow – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2h13mins (2021) Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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One more solo Marvel movie that we should have got earlier because of this main character dying in the last Avengers movie. The too limited effect, Black Widow here gives way more meaning than previous cameo appearances in a lot of other films in the franchise. To reviews of the public, this exclusive movie has received controversy for more reasons than one. Still, don’t let that make you stop reading because there is plenty of points I can make in what was good.

Staring Scarlett Johansen and David Harbour in my mind. With both present in interesting action scenes and well-timed social comedy. Plotwise, there is a make-shift family under mind control which is communism like. Then the humour relief in fighting back then the secret authoritarian organisation. While that premise has some depth, I have a con as they hype up Natasha Romanoff that was a stone-cold killer but barely goes super dark about it. While there is context to understand origins here, like many milquetoast things, there is more room to leave greater impacts here.

Back to pros and the fights plus cinematography is unique while keeping it realistic to how women fight differently than men. Elements from MMA or professional wrestling is a note to keep in mind waiting to see something you have not seen before done well. With a budget of around 200 million dollars, it did not make a profit because it also released on the Disney+ app.

Overall It has its flaws, as well as even the leading henchmen in Taskmaster, was also poor. I would not recommend it because other than a few moments, it’s the same old recycled unrealistic stuff. The opening credits suggest a gritty human trafficking story although, by the end, your rating in the moment just keeps going down.


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