Space Jam: A New Legacy – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr55min (2021) Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Everything We Know About Space Jam 2: A New Legacy 2021

Space Jam was the epitome of the 90’s child life. It was corny, Michael Jordan couldn’t act, but it had its charm. This movie was absolutely atrocious. LeBron is so wooden it’s just obnoxious. I can honestly say this was one of the worst movies ever made out side of the way they pieced together the other Warner brothers properties. Still would never watch again.– guppie2335 (IMDB – 4/10)

Covering speculation from the trailers right here, what I predicted plus worse came into the picture. The original was a childhood favourite, as an adult looking into this kid’s film, it was way more all over the place while being highly predictable. Maybe my worst review to date, the $150 million dollar budget could have gone into a different project owned by Warner Bros. The only thing I liked was the references to many other franchises (Even Rick and Morty) but they were irrelevant as a prop without further explanation.

Lebron is a good performance in basketball sports, acting is something else completely stale. I wanted to care about the game aspect like other genres to come out being put off even further. The whole kid makes a video game comes to life premise might look visually good on the big screen but all the best Looney Tunes were found in the two trailers. Don Cheadle’s role did not offer anything new compared to his career of films that were way more impressive on averages.

Almost so boring, I considered stopping watching more than once. Overall Bugs Bunny needs to stay in animation formats and be more adult-oriented to keep OG fans interested. For example, the 2011 to 2014 television cartoon was able to manifest more attention than what this cash grab wanted in the kids demographic. As the bottom quote suggests, the value in re-consuming is not ideal.


5/10 – I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed the cross-over of all the Warner Bros. Properties, but all in all, this movie is not memorable enough to warrant a rewatch.– JoBioTheMovieCritic (5/10)

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