Superman: Man Of Tomorrow – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr26mins (2020) Animation, Action

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A New Hero Takes Flight in Superman: Man of Tomorrow | DC

Feeling like a movie as I write at least in this paragraph, this direct to video Superman shall do for now. It is something I normally do now a couple of days later from its release. The Superman Red Son movie implemented recently was great and from screenshots, this one with its own style has potential (Writing this particular part before starting film). Plus not looking at any ratings to avoid any chance of bias, I gonna authentically tell you my thoughts and opinions about it now!

For some reason, I am reminded of the comedy animated show Archer from the very beginning. Fast-paced, it brings out familiar faces fairly quick but on in a good way so far. This young Clark Kent is clumsy, inexperienced while remaining overall wholesome. The main man Lobo rides in and the plot thickens in a cool action scene. Then Martian Man Hunter makes the save looking more alien than ever. The Dailey Planet in Metropolis is booming after those set of events!

Spoiler! One of the main characters previously mentioned is pretty brutally killed. Act 3 contains a parasite Godzilla attacking the city that somewhat falls flat within predictable plot mashing conclusions with elements of the overall. Could give you more spoilers, but whatever expressed interest in the first two-thirds loses respect by the end.

For a unique take on a Superman origin, I highly recommend it to DC Comics fans. I’m not sure if this will be too memorable although I enjoyed myself during a view for the most part. The alternative being cliche at this point, the mixed reaction online is fairly justified. Just okay is not good enough and the years they have been doing it, this barely makes the average spot in its category of serious animated movies out there.


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