Depth – Video Game Review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2014) Indie

Depth on Steam

Its GREAT!!!! The action, suspense and the horror in it is crazy. The fact that you can be a shark and stalk your prey waiting for the right moment to pounce in unbelievable. The divers job is amazing as well. The game play that can happen in this game is just exotic.It is just packed full of scares, action, suspense, and horror. This game will make your gaming life a whole lot better! – Connor King

Within a dark aquatic world, there are either two options human or greatly finned. Play as a shark or a diver in an underwater physics visceral and tensional environment. Ran on the same Unreal video game engine that made Killing Floor from back in 2010 to 2012 development. I have just over 4 hours on it to describe this review.

Winning actually has three ways of coming first with whatever sides running out of respawns. Being successful in escorting the submarine to an extraction point or if the big fish destroy it. The asymmetrical aspect in the multiple-player can be fast-paced in the murky movements. Then access more weapons and equipment when you make something hurt.

Feeling like you are in the ocean, can become repetitive moving at a linear pace. Nonetheless, the animated physics makes this what it is. I would recommend it only based on it being cheap somewhere or getting it for free in a bulk present. Maybe just mad because the Steam achievements are difficult to get.

To conclude standing on its merit, stuff could come out of nowhere. Overall being the constant adrenaline rush by the design of the nature playable here.


I think that they should come out with this game for xbox and ps4 i think it would be a hit for console players. – Chico Iguana

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