Quotes From Scars On Broadway (Lyrics)

A quotes list created by Lee Sonogan

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Revisiting the sideband of Daron Malakian. I have reviewed their two albums above. Heavy in lyrics and sound, you will love it if you have ever enjoyed the band System Of A Down. Do you want alternative language on your face? here it is. These quotes make me want to listen to more!

  • If you were me, could you defend, the given rights to all the men? Let’s fuck the world with all it’s trend, They say it’s all about to end…
  • Angry Guru, Sitting in his own little poopoo, I said, “Nobody hates you more than I do, Nobody loves you more than you do”
  • Deviation tonic mess, Prolonged existence innocence, Is he who speaks isn’t weak, Wheelchair virtue so to speak, Bubonic plague the truth of aids, Immunity avoid decay, In the trench of pestilence, The bible screams announce your faith
  • I smacked your face, You fell in love when I said “FUCK YOUR MOM!” I looked at you, said “It’s all over!”
  • I’m a sly guy in disguise, All you people that can’t realize, Like a cool cool feel feel under my skin, Everybody loves sin
  • There’s a place where we can go now, where fucking is a show now. Playing with your schizoprena, then cut your genitalia.
  • All the broken glass reminds me of home, Brings up all the memories of long ago, Guess what’s coming back today, I know you said that it’s okay, When time expires on the Earth, I tell you know it’s over, When all the guns are loaded close by you, All the guns are loaded close by you
    If we gonna kill each other, how we gonna live forever? If we gonna live forever, how we gonna kill each other?
  • Ooh, Supercalafragalistcexpealadocious is a word to me, Mama mia
  • Maybe you’re lazy sitting hazy in the sun, Anticipating maybe waiting just for fun
  • Feeding on your empty brain, everything is just a game, Lying, you’re all lying, Ignorance should be a crime, All religions stand in line
  • They’ll fuck you, then they’ll fuck themselves, They raise the flag that Jesus sells, They’ll fuck you, then they’ll fuck themselves, They raise the flag that Jesus sells
  • You’ll never survive, Three thousand five, While you’ll be sinking in the ocean, I’ll be in my spaceship, still alive
  • Lying there inside of a tomb, Like lying there in your mothers womb, Written bare in blood that were red, We’re following the book of the dead

Still relevant in modern times, there are many people hanging out for that new passion. Like any artist different, the cult following element to it is also fair and not dated yet.




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