The War With Grandpa – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr34min (2020) Comedy, Drama, Family

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The War With Grandpa Trailer: Robert De Niro Does a Family Comedy | Collider
I enjoyed a bit of it but some parts went beyond ridiculous such as the paramedic part and the 3 grown men throwing a child into a dumpster….its ok to watch if your below 14 years old but its no dirty grandpa sequel we hoped it was… – haines403 (IMDB – 6/10)

Seeing that this was low rated from reviews/critics, I consumed it anyway wanting to see some fresh Robert DeNiro acting. Being family-friendly all round was a setback although the wide cast of established actors and a range of kid actors, I figured there was a wholesome factor to it. It did with some well-timed humour and not being consistently over the top where it would be cringe. Still, a lot of this contains shock stunts and visual shots out of now where that’s a little on the nose.

Best comedy I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t know what all the bad reviews are about. But De Niro was a good laugh and this was a fun loving heart felt funny comedy! Quite a few good laughs in this movie and it kept me entertained until the end. – brenzbrenz – (IMDB – 9/10)

Highlighting the best moments is the build to there little turf war but one-upping each other every time did not deliver. Uma Thurman added some performance art with facial expressions. Christopher Walken and Cheech Marin get the funniest lines in the entire thing. Honourable mention to Rob Riggle for his reactions to the plot as well! If anything it tells that moral that war of any kind has no benefits and only hurts; solid message for kids out there.

In conclusion, there was a lot of cliches (Similar to a movie that comes out each year) although there were a few moments funny and sweet. A tiny bit of feminist/SJW talking points, on the other hand, it would be barely considered a woke film. Overall I can recommend it for any younger audience and it was ok but only just reaching the average mark for me. Other than that, what I have touched on already to other stuff that may appeal to people in niche ways.


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