Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Jan 1, Week 2) (Year 2)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. For The WWE Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Big Show (C), Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette vs Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy (Hardy Boys) – Winners: Jeff Hardy (C), Matt Hardy (C) (Hardy Boys) – Commentors not that Cornette has held the titles for a long time. Hardies come out but not broke but in fact, their most classic gimmick rocking the iconic sound. Getting a hot blurry first, the Hardyz do not stop offence against the slower competitors. Goldberg speaks the post of the turnbuckle and Big Show is overwhelmed. Finally the biggest one out of the ring, Goldberg is easier to bring back in. He defends himself not for long as double teamed and signature Twist of Fates and a Swanton Bomb. Matt does a suicide body on Show back outside as Jeff gets the pin.

2. Singles Match

Buddy Murphy vs Rey Mysterio with Dominick (Unsigned) – Winner: Buddy Murphy – The newcomer fights a former champion. Fast-paced and Lucha Libre hybrid towards modern audiences, lots of high spots enthral. And chain wrestling causes a crowd of loud noise. An interaction of Dominick on Apron as Buddy is more heelish this time. A few false finishes and final the Finisher out of nowhere.

3. No.1 Contender for WWE Woman’s Championship – Singles Match

Rhea Ripley vs Ronda Rousey with Shayna Basler – Winner: Rhea Ripley – With more stakes than last week, these two trade Irish whipped strikes. Trying to clinch knees but the ref getting in the way. Rhea yelled at Shayna for Ronda to get a choke for some time from behind. Shootfighting as their facial expressions become more realistic or that good. Well-timed counters transiting into some distance. Samoa Drop, Texas Cloverleaf exchanges then Full Nelson Slam to set up Solefoot being successful. Rhea offers to shake hands but is refused.

4. Main Event – Four Man Tag Team Match

The Rock, Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso (The Bloodline) vs Undertaker, Kane, Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) – Winners: The Rock, Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso (The Bloodline) – The Rock wheels out a coffin getting heat from the crowd. Lights go out and back on for the Ministry ready as ever. Leading to a brawl down the runway, to eventually Rock and Roman hide in the ring. Then the match starts with Kane and Roman Reigns going toe to toe, bump by bump. The Rock tags in without Roman knowledge and dominates Kane. He tags out to hurt Shane Mcmahon and even Kevin Owens. To then the hot tag where Taker for the comeback although the rest run in nearly causing a DQ after all finishers each to another team. Legal Taker takes the pin but it does not end here. He is dragged from there with others defending, placed into a coffin to yes, burnt alive.

AEW – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. No.1 Contenders For The AEW Tag Team Championship – Three-Way Tag Team Match

RVD & Sabu (Team Extreme) (Just Hired) vs Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley (Inner Circle), vs Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) – Winners RVD & Sabu (Team Extreme) – Completely all over the place, they have planned sequences to all interact with each other one after the other. Diving out to the large group Suicide or more complex, the fest of air was in sight. Moxley rakes at the eyes of others to make it more believable. Sabu goes to take a chair but it is stopped by the bell ringer. Some slide back onto the canvas to go out to the other side. Keeping this speed it goes on for another ten minutes with people resting while moves are now done in the ring. There is a five-star frog splash at the right time to win.

2. For the AEW Video Game Championship – Pong Game Best To Ten

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Joe Rogan – Winner Charlotte Flair (C) – Joe wooos back at the Queen making her entrance before the large screen of the first video game ever made. Lines on the screen read 0-0. As the tennis like simulation starts up, a dot swings back and forth to people’s eyeballs and lungs. They are talking smack while moving vertically up and down to defend a goal. One by one the scores go up evenly until Rogan gets a lead. Flair takes off one of the many championships she has right now and it is 9/9 by the end. She still talking makes a joke so funny that Rogan cannot stop laughing and distracts him enough to lose.

3. No.1 Contender For The TNT Championship – Triple Threat

Finn Balor vs Adam Hangman Page vs Byran Danielson (Unsigned) – Winner: Adam Hangman Page – They one out of the ring to fight alone for the next one to be thrown out. Adam last Buckshot Lariet’s back in to know them both on their ass. Balor does a sunset powerbomb off the top rope with Hangmen below assisting with the manoeuvre. Balor with a Slingblade to a counter ending with a boot to the face. Byran back up to get running knees to then get the yes from those particular kicks he does. No chance as reversed into a Cracker Barrel and the fall cut short. Signatures nonstop continue to happen until the next piledriver could come. Bryan tries to do his on Hangman but drop back down to feet and then head grabbed. Shoved between a kneeling position and spiked for the victory.

4. Main Event – Singles Match

CM Punk vs Shawn Micheals (C) with Triple H (C) – Winner: CM Punk via DQ – CM Punk on a roll since last week is booked in this after a DX promo. The so-called cult of personality marches to the ring to return the retort. They ring the bell and the two standing are now testing strength. Grip spinning each other around from mid to the ground to then from a bridge and a failed pin. Posing to the fans when they get the better hit in. Five minutes, ten minutes to twenty minutes, they are milking the psychology. Viewers still alive it reaches the thirties where the Anaconda Device has been locked. This dream match goes past the average limit where Triple H had no other choice but to interfere. Shawn sells the effect of the battle dead in the middle of the camera with not a single movement lifeless.

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