Plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationship – Book Recap (Chapter 10)

A recap written by Lee Sonogan | Plan Your Work |

Neither participant rules the other. Instead, both bow to the principle of illumination. In that circumstance, it is not that one must abide by what the other wants (or vice versa). Instead, it is that both should be oriented toward the most positive future possible, and agree that speaking the truth is the best pathway forward. – Jordan Peterson

This chapter can be summed up as Einstein’s known saying ‘Spooky actions at a distance or the consequences in quantum entanglement. Hence the focus on relationships not setting yourself up for misery causes more harm than initially intended. From the sense of human interaction than such binary as individuals.

‘Romance requires trust–and the deeper the trust, the deeper the possibility for romance.’ This goes into the vulnerability partners have in cynical exchange or the mature trust displayed to each other. Forming a mutual benefit touching the elusive middle ground aiming at the similar desired end-goal. Without the assumption of guilt or innocence and hopefully more win/wins than the few.

The bride of Christ symbolism is more than a signing of a piece of paper. But a long-term commited to give someone that invokes one of free will. From good Christain theology that encourages the nuclear family, it is still partial comprehension of the situation. Similar to the scripture texts relevant to balance in all things.

The way in many Eastern Religions shares this concept in either dao/tao. The approximation of these questions is between what is raw and unrefined during the process. To vow is something that is worthy of a purposed negotiation. Any alternatives are much worse in the average marriage statistics and documented date on not meant to be.

Covering a lot of toxicity implications in such systems, he concludes with the best kind of romance and impactful love. Passing double digits, the second last chapter is called ‘Do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful, or arrogant’

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