Force Of Nature – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr31min (2020) Action, Drama

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Force of Nature (2020) - IMDb
The script is so bad it’s laughable. It’s cut together so poorly it just confuses you mostly. Half way through I’m checking IMDb to see if this movie was sitting on a shelf and only released because of COVID. Nothing in this movie is worth the watch. Nothing.rachel322210 (IMDB > So bad you guys – 2/10

Force of Nature was a mistake in consuming… IMDB describes this movie as A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate. Quoting arfdawg-1 (IMDB > Poorly Written – 4/10) Hard to believe this flick cost $23 million to make. It’s very cheaply done,”. Coming off as a direct to DVD release, this is not a memorable film at all even though it was R rated.

Disappointing overall, I will say in this first sentence that this movie falls flat for a very fast-paced action film. Choreography is cliche and nothing in the practicability factor. Mel Gibson’s character amongst the rest did not resonate any feelings of support. The cinematography is confusing like the comment above says. The soundtrack does not seem that original and overdoes it on the timing of suspense.

SPOILER!: Mel Gibson’s Character dies before the real ending

Concluding, there was definitely a struggle in the presentation and delivery on this one. Difficult to keep engaged my clarity was clear; the dialogue boring. Writing most of this to keep me watching the last half, my social commentary could go deeper on the payoff but that would take forever to fully explain. Even the main bad guy who was in the tv show Dexter fails to be impressive so I feel my rating score out of ten is a fair one.


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