Do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful, or arrogant – Book Recap (Chapter 11)

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Alex & Books 📚 en Twitter: "9) If old memories still upset you, write them  down carefully and completely 10) Plan and work diligently to maintain the  romance in your relationship 11)

And if it is possibility that is most real, rather than actuality (as evidenced by the fact that it is possibility we are destined to contend with), then it is the investigation into possibility that is the most important of all investigations. – Jordan Peterson

Getting heavy once more, it starts with the positive possibility that embodies pure curiosity and wonder. It is also the last defence mechanism against the themes in the title. You don’t want to become what you hate, do you? These pages contain some bold claims about our expectations and how we focus beyond what should be dead to you.

Naming my first poetry book Spontaneous Variety, it is only the reaction to which has occurred. What’s happening has already achieved the unalterable quality from behind us. Like surrendering to the quoted place of the to of these words and the timing in preparation. The universe is largely a secondary concern compared to those who can condense the information with the right table hopefully set by yourself.

Maximum horror is the psyche of the home of the infinite predator of variety slapping a dragon in the face. Forthrightly is there two-fold easily which is elaborated in the age-old debate between nature and nurture. To then segway the semantic information sentimentality. At the realism of distinction of lifestyles utopian contra to dystopian.

Dream analysis transitions in dealing with the puzzles that we do not solve perfectly or absolute. Same as a culture which in essence must always become preserved updated. There is a scarcity of efficient resources where wars are fought over. Breaches the adversary confusing the hero. Resulting in a double-edged sword but logical approach with resentment.

Laying outlaws of commission, there are conclusions where the game is up. Then rows of nihilism, expedience, despair and the antidote conclude a lot of theories in this book. The twelve and final recap shall detail Rule IIX ‘Be grateful in spite of your suffering’.

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