Be grateful in spite of your suffering – Book Recap (Chapter 12)

A book recap written by Lee Sonogan | Be Grateful in Everything |

Human beings have the capacity to courageously confront their suffering—to transcend it psychologically, as well as to ameliorate it practically. – Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order

Beyond the beyond of order, sufficient to act upon. In this final chapter a greater conclusion to everything else while still offering something fresh. The reduction of suffering and closer towards peace written like no one else. What serves as a bulwark is inside the dare of our altruistic forebears.

What do you have to be thankful for? Fear of the lord does not cut it for me suggesting that all these analogies have some flatter areas. Or maybe that’s the propensity of evil that follows such fleeting points of original sin. We are feeble in the distance and space of what we truly consider finite.

Full of signs and bordered signifiers, striving against a more detailed despairing governance. Mixing dichotomies not overly written in the concrete. Being is predicted on ignorance and inexperience and that is not a virtue. To be so naive and still find love warts and all revealing that we don’t really own many things.

Forever mourning for what is not of the ephemeral divine. To extend gratitude giving/identifying priceless human value in a concluding matter. I’ll say from the beginning to around rule 10 built a lot of worthy contexts although the slope by the end was less satisfying. Re-reading the same axiomatic preaches. This book has an appeal for the common man to understand as well as those not familiar with this kind of work.

There is a deep part of us that makes the decision, when we grieve for someone we have lost, that their existence was worthwhile, despite it all. Maybe that is a reflection of an even more fundamental decision: Being itself is worth having, despite it all. Gratitude is therefore the process of consciously and courageously attempting thankfulness in the face of the catastrophe of life. – Jordan Peterson

Another 100,000 words consumed, seeing how I would things a little differently, these concepts are merely the fundamentals that can grow. The discipline here is psychology through and through. Unlike the many other fields of study that would hybrid with all this information. Do I now want to read maps of meaning, Peterson’s most complex book with twenty years in the making?

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