Try to make one room in your home as beautiful as possible – Book Recap (Chapter 8)

A book recap written by Lee Sonogan

Beyond Order Rule 8 Poster | Jordan B Peterson

If you study art (and literature and the humanities), you do it so that you can familiarize yourself with the collected wisdom of our civilization. This is a very good idea—a veritable necessity—because people have been working out how to live for a very long time. – Jordan Peterson

Forget the one room as this chapter is all about the power of beauty. Inspiring us to firstly engage with something virtuous, also can become artificial not so morally uplifting. The idea of aesthetics is appreciated here although there is a focus on the real fair market value in the eye of the beholder. From the poetry of William Blake to voluntary cognitive implications, there is stuff here not expected after the initial paragraphs.

Spawning from who is making a legitimate effort and those driven by resentful bitterness. Exploration determines its rough edges rubbing against what reforms its ever-changing mastery. Reminded of the Dunning-Kruger effect, pursuing such arts is what is good in life while at mount stupid. To transcend the inevitable slope to consider more solid positions at play.

The folklore to an attempt to communicate value, there is some things that must be earned for realty’s sake and not given. Their manifestations of the pragmatic continuum have their own types of innate power. The more correlations of connections are able to be greater than any fictional trope/cliche being ‘less a dull and hapless tool…’

There is all kinds of stated and revealed preferences, these shared of attracting force needs to be compatible roots of the economic. It is simple to see something easy in the eyes although the image lacks vision without the bridge between the people. A natural consequence of learning when rejecting what others do and then prioritizing on knowing what you want.

The practice of opportunist entrepreneurs often relies on the presentation. Rather than finding the right efficiency. Otherwise, things eventually fall away overwhelmed by the jeopardizing of the proposed conjunction. Contending with what we don’t understand is more authentic with the rest in the area of posers, actors, narcissists, not in the creative sense. Concluding with another quote ‘Beauty leads you back to what you have lost’.

We treat these objects as if they are sacred. [emphasis in original] At least that is what our actions in their vicinity suggest. We gaze at them in ignorance and wonder, and remember what we have forgotten; perceiving, ever so dimly, what we can no longer see (what we are perhaps no longer willing to see). – Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order

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