Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens – Book Recap (Chapter 7)

A book recap written by Lee Sonogan

Jordan Peterson: Beyond Order, 12 More Rules for Life: Rules 7-12 - YouTube

people believe that the things discipline imposed by choice prevents us from doing will somehow be lost forever. It is this belief, in large part—often expressed with regard to creativity—that makes so many parents afraid of damaging their children by disciplining them. – Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order

Similar to Rule 2 ‘Imagine who you could be and then aim single-mindedly at that’, the conditions of this book are very linear. With the best of binary pushing the mental potential further in the aforementioned titled theme of work. So far it has been all about the nuances of forces and waves but what about the likelihood of the particle of energy itself?

A clocked direction is a logical vision in the theory of motions that need to become localised. Such disintegrated parts are not the good kind of dangerous as you forever stare into the void of the data about data or just another category. Too be self-organised enough to thrive in what is against you and come out from what some may consider lost.

The golden ratio is arithmetic in the influence of addition and subtraction of the number one. Then again the more closed off paths of division and multiplication can be positive. Never losing sight of everything that can be full on top of zero quantum mechanics unconsciously willed. Otherwise, you are indecisive about the proneness of romantic drift.

Never from what you once were, we are a disciplined entity capable of so much form and the habitable very words of truth of creative destruction that which is civilization itself. An undergraduate or trade finished is better for it, not optimally or fully thrilled with their choices although better people. The next recap entails ‘Try to make one room in your home as beautiful as possible’ a space one step higher than merely only cleaning it.

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