The Old Guard – Movie Review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hrs5mins (2020) Fantasy, Action, Adventure

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Charlize Theron Starring in The Old Guard for Netflix
In this time, where new cinematic experiences are limited to home viewing, it is fun to take a break from watching (or re-watching) classic films to check out a new movie. And this one, THE OLD GUARD, is a fun enough and well worth checking out. – BankofMarquis (IMDB – 7/10)

Glimpsing over some reviews, I ended up watching this film on Netflix. There was that concept of fantasy immortals that’s always a cool science fiction thing I consume. Starring Charlize Theron, The Old Guard milks at an original comic book story and the most technical action scenes she has ever done. On the other side, it’s not to be overly praised just yet as not all the scenes of performance are equal to the cinematographic fight scenes being very original.

R rated it deliver on that aligned with the $70 million production budget. Overall it starts at a fast pace and gradually adds in the Nile character. Moments in the action had a fitting soundtrack but not to absolutely everyone’s taste. SPOILERS! One plot is a friend of over 500 years is locked in a coffin and constantly drowning and coming back to life at the bottom of the ocean. Dynamics between characters are questionable between sorta suspenseful. An expected twist in the payoff based off what was said in this paragraph.

Got to give it to Charlize Theron for creating sympathy that is relatable although, constant facial shots that might as well been shorter are a bit unnerving. Personally. I believe this film could be higher if the timeline was 10-20 minutes shorter. Somewhat unpredictability, it is also underrated in one way or another. Even though the average is slightly lower, I believe the funny number of a 6.9 will surface any critics who find any issue in the previous commentary.

Love the concept, execution is not bad (there are some cringy & forced parts), but the music really annoys me. Doesn’t fit the tone of the film at all. – ditoprabowo (IMDB “Almost” 7/10)


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