Abandon Ideology – Book Recap (Chapter 6)

A book recap written by Lee Sonogan

Jordan Peterson: Beyond Order: Rule VI: Abandon Ideology - YouTube

Consider those who have not gone so far as to adopt the discredited ideologies of the Marxist-Leninists and the Nazis, but who still maintain faith in the commonplace isms characterizing the modern world: conservatism, socialism, feminism (and all manner of ethnic- and gender-study isms), postmodernism and environmentalism, among others. – Jordan Peterson

This being the most controversial chapter so far, the definition of idealogy is highly debatable indeed. With critics online trying to debate this two-word sentence, the author distinguishes some of the most extreme ideals ever existed. Crossing into the underlying territories of people’s own logic and set of beliefs, I say what is here is reasonable claims fairly balanced.

Talking about his personal account of success was first written on these pages. Recognising human interest stories of the average civilian who has told them how his work has changed their lives in one way or another. Touching on the tribal dynamics relating to the Monty Python movie called Life of Brain. When Brain says you are all individuals, a crowd in unison will normally chant back we are all individuals.

While others might think that this title is impossible, I believe it is entirely is independent of particular circumstances. Referencing Fredrich Nietzsche again, this time he is shown in the light of ‘God is dead’. Where the ubermensch superman has taken over although the idealogues of such power become the most dominant. Hence the comment of isms in the opening quote turns personality into something politically charged.

In the video description below it asks ‘is his project not an ideology?’. Answering a fascinating paradox, the point is the difference between complex frameworks. And its typical low resolution hides large undifferentiated chunks too abstract. And such buzzword singular terms hyper simplifies in what is an extraordinarily diverse and unique phenomenon.

To conclude by directly breaking this logical fallacy by stating that. I believe it is only to reduce unnecessary identity on the surface. Leaving the remaining to the below admonishment of ideological fundamentalism. Proposing the relevant meta evolution or change approached with a more transparent conscious effectiveness.




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