Quotes From Black Sabbath (Lyrics)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

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Being one of the oldest bands that I still enjoy to this day, the band has stood the test of time. Either if you are like me who prefer the Ozzy Osbourne years compared to Ronnie James Dio, both lead singers produced many insightful lyrics. Plus the vocal performances from both lead singers equally contributed to Black Sabbath’s overall success. I wanna see an interview where Ozzy Osbourne sings everything he says.

Quotes From Songs Since 1970
  1. What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me Turn around quick, and start to run Find out I’m the chosen one – Oh no! – Black Sabbath
  2. Visions cupped within a flower Deadly petals with strange power Faces shine a deadly smile Look upon you at your trial – Behind the Wall of Sleep
  3. The world today is such a wicked place Fighting going on between the human race People got to work just to earn their bread While people just across the sea are counting their dead – Wicked World
  4. Red sun rising in the sky Sleeping village, cock’rel’s cry Soft breeze blowing in the trees Peace of mind, feel at ease – Sleeping Village
  5. Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death’s construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind poisoning their brainwashed minds – War Pigs
  6. Make a joke and I will sigh And you will laugh and I will cry Happiness I cannot feel And love to me is so unreal – Paranoid
  7. We sail through endless skies Stars shine like eyes The black night sighs The moon in silver dreams Falls down in beams Light of the night The Earth a purple blaze Of sapphire haze In orbit always – Planet Caravan
  8. Robot minds of robot slaves
    Lead them to atomic graves
    Plastic flowers, melting sun
    Fading moon falls upon – Dying world of radiation,
    Victims of man’s frustration Burning globe of obscene fire Like electric funeral pyre – Electric Funeral
  9. Too much near the truth they say Keep it ’til another day Let them have their little game Delusion helps to keep them saneLet them have their little toys Matchbox cars and mortgaged joys Exciting in their plastic ways Frozen food in a concrete maze  – Cornucopia
  10. Nobody will ever let you know, When you ask the reason why, They just tell you that you’re on your own, Fill your head all full of lies. – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  11. Just remember love is life And hate is living death Treat your life for what it’s worth And live for every breath – A National Acrobat
  12. You thought that it would be easy From the very start Now I’ve found you out I don’t think you’re so smart I only have one more question Before my time is through Please I beg you tell me In the name of hell Who are you? – Who Are You
  13. Watching eyes of celluloid Tell you how to live Metaphoric motor-replay Give, give, give! Laughter kissing love Is showing me the way Spiral city architect I build, you pay – Spiral Architect
  14. Take me through the centuries to supersonic years Electrifying enemy is drowning in his tears All I have to give you is a love that never dies The symptom of the universe is written in your eyes – Symptom of the Universe Hole in the Sky
  15. Blow on a Jug Everybody come on – blow on a jug Be like me and blow on a jug I want you to blow on a jug Everybody begin – blow on a jug – Blow on a Jug
  16. I’m just another back street kid Rock ‘n roll music is the only thing I really dig Can’t stop the music going round inside my head I’m a rock ‘n roll soldier, gonna play it until I’m dead Nobody I know is gonna take my rock ‘n roll away from me – Back Street Kids
  17. It’s a part of me that tells you Oh, don’t you ever Don’t ever say die Never, never, never say die – Never Say Die
  18. And as the seasons turn the days to years She holds her pictures, hears the silent cheers The days grow lonely for the dancing queen And now she dances only in her dreams – Air Dance
  19. Cry out to legions of the brave Time again to save us from the jackals of the street Ride out, protectors of the realm Captain’s at the helm, sail across the sea of lights – Neon Knights
  20. We made the mountains shake with laughter as we played Hiding in our corner of the world Then we did the demon dance and rushed to nevermore Threw away the key and locked the door – Children of the Sea
  21. Nighttime sorrow, taken like a pain Black will not become a white, it’s all the same Evil lurks in twilight, dances in the dark Makes you need the movement, like a fire needs a spark to burn! – Turn Up the Night
  22. If there isn’t light when no one sees Then how can I know what you might believe? A story told that can’t be real Somehow must reflect the truth we feel – The Sign of the Southern Cross
  23. From the book, the word is spoken Whispers from forgotten psalms Gather all around the young ones They will make us strong Reach above your dreams of pleasure Given life to those who died Look beyond your own horizons Sail the ship of signs – The Sign of the Southern Cross
  24. For the thrust of my challenge is aimed At the hearts of mutant gods who think we’re all the same They’re controlling our minds And they use us for fortune and fame – Born Again
  25. Do you follow the path that so many tread? Are you among the blind so easily lead? – Anno Mundi
  26. Oh there’s insufficient evidence Of what just might come after But sometimes out of nowhere There’s demented sounds of laughter – After All (The Dead)
  27. To safeguard my philosophy Until my dying breath I transfer from reality Into a living dead I empathize with enemies until the time is right With God and Satan at my side, from darkness will come light I watch the rain as it turns red Give me more wine I don’t need bread These riddles that live inside my head – God Is Dead?
  28. Politics, religion, love of money too. It’s what the world was built for but not for me and you – Age of Reason
  29. Guess we’re all running out of time So live your own life and let me live mine To each their own to question why We’re all just links that forge the chain of life – Naïveté in Black

The more quotes I compile, the better lyrics I can create while finding all sorts of new sound. Placing a video below, I recommend watching it each you like live performances. In another ten years, my favourite album from Black Sabbath (Paranoid) will be in the public domain!




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