Do not do what you hate – Book Recap (Chapter 5)

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

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Our culture is wired very pathologically. Way too often, we see what’s wrong with people, instead of what is right. The absence of heroic people is telling for a culture that appreciates perversity more than purity. – Loretta LaRoche

There are some too dangerous paths to walk on in our pathological order in its day-to-day guise. Why does a pointless take sometimes feel demoralizing? Because in most cases we are what we say and what we end up doing. If we do some stupid or something far from the self it seems to go contrary to the point in the first place rendering a violation of ourselves.

This chapter focuses on a former client who was directly in the mainstream business world who focus on diversity, inclusion and equity. And the lengths they have gone to turn this into a branded insider trading type of governance over each other socially. How people in departments turn on each other and then eat each other alive. Metaphorically speaking as there is betrayal around every act that is in spite of their own conscience.

What is the difference between a slow death and realising the real position you want to convey? Knowing the deception in our own pathology makes us aware and anything less when such culture disintegrates, there is chaos that underlies everything else. It’s almost like making up excuses such as ‘all violence is bad, but the violence I like is justifiable’.

The choice between convictions and belief is all in preparation. To arm yourself with weapons at your disposal to avoid others’ power of life and death. To entrust those to wield it compared to striping it bare completely. Dare to choose what is not scorn and derision has so much more depth than the weighing temperament hanging. There is no guarantee that hate is benefitting you one bit as the cost of staying can be brutal.

Using a phrase on this website before in identitarian hustlers, the next chapter of corrupted identity is a clear solution ‘Abandon ideology’. Leave any negative attachment behind the process that you can provide yourself. Overwhelming yourself with anything has got to be against the rules of nature. The loss of value of life itself is the worst tragedy playing out which leaves survivors with nothing.

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