Pragmatic Apparatus – Pragmatic and grammatical factors affecting the interpretation of number terms: evidence from an experimental study

Cited by Lee Sonogan

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Abstract by Gala Villaseñor García Ittay Gil Carrillo

There is a great dealof discussion in the specialized literature aroundthe meaning and interpretation of the so-called number terms. It has been established that these terms can denote sets of exact cardinalities, as well as sets compatible with “at least” and “at most” cardinalities (intervalar readings). We present evidence from an experimental study showing thatexact readings ofnumber terms under certain grammatical constructions(with a quantifier or predicative function as well as when preceded by a definite article) are preferred by speakers even under certain pragmatic contexts in which intervalar readings could be derived. Our results alignwith the so-called naïveperspective of the exact semantics of number terms, but also with the fact that both the grammatical structure as well as the pragmatic contextplay an important role in the interpretations that they can acquire (exactly, at least, at most).

Publication: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Pub Date: 2022 Doi:

Keywords: numerals;predicates andquantifiers;exact/intervalar interpretations;experimental study. (Plenty more sections and references in this research article)

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