Do not hide unwanted things in the fog – Book Recap (Chapter 3)

A recap written by Lee Sonogan

Both the uncertainty principle and the negentropy principle of information make Laplace’s scheme [of exact determinism] completely unrealistic. The problem is an artificial one; it belongs to imaginative poetry, not to experimental science. – Léon Brillouin

This chapter smacks you in the face in more serious implications of psychology and the reality of our emotions. This being the third rule which eloquently fits well with the previous content, our mental illnesses of different layers are very real. For the sake of overcoming challenges and fears, the subjective and objective working simultaneously must be confronted. Otherwise, it is just another projection or repression historically documented.

Dragging you into the past these verses detail some traumatic vision of the past to the present. From real-life clients in relationships to vivid memory of your childhood, these fragments of truth still hold. When the definition of the fog seeps in, the depths of Freudian logic can help you then. Then the only thing that can save you is accepting your feeling but in a way where emotion is applied with precision.

Free yourself from the entropy wearing down into conflicts and it is better to find out what is more probably true. Be prideful in the humble approach for the rawest revelations which are necessary humility. Despite the risks of what others might think or how you articulate, you got to find a way back to the utility of trust.

I am excited for the next recap which is called ‘Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated’. Being really canonical appealing so far, I must recommend it again for flow alone. This focus on differential equations really is impactful in its packed or broader kinds of abstracts needed in this world. Above willful incompetence bottom-up structured in a hierarchy.

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